Sunday, October 25, 2009

New EP Available Now!

The new video art EP, "everything crazy always," is now complete! A little under a year after the release of our debut, "i think i'm in love with you," "everything crazy always" shows a very different side of video art, but we hope you'll love it just as much! I'm also putting the album artwork up here for you to download


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Moonlight Dance"

We have a new song up on our myspace - - which is a reworking of Sally Shapiro's "Moonlight Dance." The lyrics are as follows:

Say you can feel it too
like when I'm on the move
making it hot for you
your sexy dream come true.
You're sexy in the front
You're sexy in the back
You're sexy on the phone
You're sexy and you're bad.
You're so fuckin' bad to me it's like a family tree
the branches dangling, star-spangled bangling.
My mind is wrangling with the complexities
of how to meet your needs, your affection for me
it's like a trip you see, it don't make sense to me,
it's like you're so crazy I need a double Z (zee).
But while the moon is full we gonna take this chance,
say you can feel it too cos it's a moonlight dance.

So you can feel it now
Goin' around the grounds
Came in from outta town
For this merry-go-round
I’m goin’ round and it’s dizzying, it’s like I’m tryna sing
I feel you listening, your skin is glistening
I taste your naked heat, it’s like a cold deceit
You never seem to see the way things seem to be
Just what it means to me to be an enemy
Of all your families and all your fantasies
So I look at the moon and try to talk to you
And once again it’s full just like my love for you
So baby take my hand we gotta take this chance
This ain’t no fine romance it’s just a moonlight dance

I swear to god this is the last time I go on this fucking TV show, I'm so sick of this shit
How long does it take to say the word "information"?
That didn't take very long did it?

download our debut EP, "i think i'm in love with you"

Here at video art headquarters we're hard at work on our upcoming second EP, "everything crazy always," and we decided to set up a blog to let people know about how the recording process is going, and when the new music will be appearing. In the meantime, we're offering a free download of our debut EP, 2008's "i think i'm in love with you". You can get it here:

1. History of Metaphysics
2. Get Somebody Up
3. Change The Object Itself
4. Do Something
5. We Love To Dance
6. Tired of Talking?
7. Permission Granted